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        Movie Reviews in 50 Words: (I)

        Idiocracy (2006)
        Mike Judge and crew phoned in this mess about an average Joe who wakes from cryogenic slumber to save a commercialized world gone stupid. It’s social commentary delivered with the cunning of an ashtray. Note that within 12 minutes, Luke Wilson’s inert form coasts, rather presciently, off a trash heap.

        Bury it

        The Incredible Hulk (2008)
        Marvel’s answer to the 2003 version tightens the pacing, brutalizes the action, and under the aegis of poor directorship dispenses new superpowers equably. For Bruce, whininess. For Betty, an eerie calm. For Blonsky, a constant pained look. And for the special effects, the ability to travel back to circa 2001.

        Bury it

        Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
        Ford fans should queue up this flick. Everyone else should wonder whether Indy will ever unravel the curse of George Lucas, a kind of cinematic Midas touch that turns franchises into drivel. Here, he infuses a classic series that honored the serials of old with exactly what it needed: aliens.

        Bury it

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